Throughout 2022, WCAC will host a series of Community Conversations. These conversations are intended to bring together key stakeholders and community partners for candid dialogue about barriers facing our community. Together, we can begin to develop clear strategies to break down those barriers and affect true policy change. Topics will include early education and care, workforce development, safety net programs and the cliff effect, and strategies for addressing climate change in low-income communities.

Series 1. Early Education and Care: An Economic Imperative for Success

Friday, March 18 at 10:00 AM  VIRTUAL

At this session, attendees will hear from policy leaders, the business community, and family childcare licensees on the current state of early education and care and crucial pathways to increase support for childhood development, professional development and necessary shifts in policy required to sustain and bolster the early education and care sector. 


Meet The Panelists:  EEC Community Conversation- Meet Our Panelists


Series 2: Navigating the Cliff Effect & Breaking Barriers In the Bureaucracy

Tuesday, May 3rd at 9:15 AM VIRTUAL

At this session attendees will hear from community and social service advocates about navigating the Cliff Effect -w hen an increase in work earnings results in a reduction of subsidies families rely upon. Free to attend, live translation in both Spanish and Arabic will be available.


Meet the Panelists: Meet the Panelists

Upcoming Conversations:

  • Climate Change and Resiliency
  • The Future of Work