WCAC’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program has concluded for this year.

Through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, IRS-certified volunteers prepare taxes and specifically look for tax credits the household may be eligible for, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Child Tax Credit (CTC), Circuit Breaker Tax Credit,  and others. Utilizing the free tax preparation services allows families to retain their full refund, avoiding typical preparation fees which can often cost hundreds of dollars.

Please select from the options below:

My Situation: I would like access to free preparation software. I am comfortable preparing my own tax return online OR I am ineligible for VITA because my AGI (box 1 on my W2 or income statements) is above $57,000 but under $72,000).

How It Works: You will receive a link to e-file for free, immediately.

My Situation: I am not comfortable preparing my own return and prefer to work with a tax preparer 100% virtually. My household Adjusted Gross Income is $57,000 or less.

How It Works: You will be invited to submit your tax documents online and work with a preparer virtually. You’ll be contacted throughout the process by a preparer via phone call, text or email and e-sign your return before we e-file it for you.  Typically returns take about a week but will take longer during the beginning of the season when we receive many applications at the same time. No in-person contact.

My Situation: I am unable to submit my documents online and need to do so in person at 484 Main Street during posted hours.  My Adjusted Gross Income is $57,000 or less.

How It Works: If you don’t have a smartphone of computer to upload documents yourself, you can begin the process without an appointment by dropping by WCAC’s VITA office, which has been temporarily relocated to the  Worcester Public Library, 3rd Floor, during the following times ONLY through April 2nd: Tuesdays 5:00-7:00PM, Wednesdays 3:00-7:00 PM, Fridays and Saturdays 9:00AM-Noon. We will scan your documents and return your paperwork to you. Your return will be prepared virtually and you will be contacted by a preparer via phone or email to finish submitting.

For questions, contact Terra Oliveira at .


More Info:

WCAC is on the move

WCAC will be relocating soon but not just yet! Please continue to visit our main office on the 2nd floor of the Denholm Building, 484 Main Street, Worcester. Lobby hours are 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. weekdays.