Educational Opportunities

WCAC’s JEC Education programs offer alternative individualized education pathways for young people outside traditional school environment, with the intention of instilling the values of lifelong learners and providing career pathway exploration, connections to post-secondary and certificate training programs leading to employment opportunities

Formerly known as GED, WCAC’s JEC offers High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) preparation for ages 15-24.  The academic classes utilize an English curriculum which concentrates on grammar and essay writing skills, while the math curriculum includes word problems, basic math, decimals, proportions, algebra, and geometry. Participants will also review issues relating to the world of work through computer training, classroom readings, discussions, and writing. programs focus on individual progress in small, classroom style settings. Classes concentrate on the core components of the HiSET certification exam

The program features open entry and exit – meaning that participants can enter the program at any time, and remain enrolled as long as it takes to successfully complete the program requirements.

Those interested in pursuing their HiSET certificate should fill out online pre-application here.


Beyond HiSET preparation, JEC’s education programs include access to pre-employment skills training, education and career counseling, job and internship placement assistance, life skills workshops, case management, and mentorships which assist students with college  or work readiness. All participants prepare a résumé, cover letters, and review techniques for job searching.

Participants are encouraged to explore careers, education opportunities, and certificate training programs. Working closely with partner agencies, several different certificate training opportunities are routinely available. Eligible participants can enter the program at any time of year and remain enrolled until they earn the HiSET certification or achieve other career pathway-related milestones.

Contact with any questions.