The Worcester Mobility Mentoring Project, an initiative of the Worcester Economic Mobility Task Force, welcomes applicants to join the project and partnership. During 2020-2021, we completed a successful pilot with 9 community partner organizations. We are ready to welcome new organizations to continue learning and sharing how to integrate this evidence-based, client-centered approach into the fabric of Worcester’s social service network.

Years ago, the Worcester Economic Mobility Task Force collaborated to bring families back to work, knowing that many wrap-around supports provided by Worcester-area organizations were needed to support families. The Task Force also recognized the immense need for coaching families through the often multiple-barrier process to gaining living wage employment and providing for all their family’s needs. Now more than ever, families need support.
Moving out of poverty is complex, a multi-year process that requires families to juggle maintaining their health, taking care of their kids, managing their money, gaining post-secondary education or credentials, and moving into a family-sustaining career – all at once. At the same time, the ongoing stress of poverty can compromise the very planning and organizing skills necessary for this complex juggling act. EMPath created Mobility Mentoring as a way to provide comprehensive support to families—across all the domains of their lives—in a way that supports their key planning and organizational skills.

If your organization is interested in joining the project, please complete a brief application through this link. Please feel welcome to reach out to WCAC’s Chief Impact Officer Charla Hixson with any questions. Once applications are received, members of the Worcester Mobility Mentoring Project will conduct brief interviews with applicant organizations.
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