WCAC Executive Director Marybeth Campbell

WCAC had a year of tremendous growth in 2023 that manifested in several ways including our staffing and services and through the implementation of our philosophy to improve economic mobility via client centered decision-making. We began the year by moving and settling into our newly renovated main office space and concluded the year by unpacking boxes in three new Head Start classrooms in Leicester and East Brookfield. Throughout the year, we served a record number of new heatlng assistance clients reaching nearly 17,000 households and placed more than 600 young people into work experiences at nearly 100 employer sites. Our Resiliency Center staff more than doubled and are actively supporting hundreds of clients with financial empowerment coaching and community navigation strategies.

Additionally, we launched a new guaranteed basic income program, and contributed to a significant family nutrition pilot as one of three Healthy Family programs in the Commonwealth in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital. Our growth has been the result of great commitment to compassion, innovation, and a focus on improving our clients’ experiences throughout the agency.

We continue to pursue creative ways to find solutions to age-old issues and are constantly striving to streamline processes to maximize convenience, promote efficiency and improve client experiences across programs. We continue to embrace partnerships with countless community organizations who share our commitment to eradicating poverty, inequality, and injustice. In the year ahead we’ll continue to push for necessary policy changes and critical budgetary allocations to protect and sustain the advancements we have made, always mindful of our mission and values to improve the communities where we live and work.

– Marybeth Campbell, Chief Executive Officer

The Ripple Effect – new podcast!

WCAC CEO Marybeth Campbell and Legendary Legacies Co-founder/Executive Director, Ron Waddell have officially launched a new podcast, building on the partnership seeded between WCAC and LL.  Over the course of our first season- 12 episodes- we’ll be exploring ideas on equity in the nonprofit sector, philanthropy, and public sector funding, and building capacity.  We touch on challenges that we and other nonprofit leaders face and share our experiences. We veer into our own personal stories and journeys, the evolution of our friendship and partnership, and we tell a few jokes along the way. We have a lineup of some terrific guests from our own backyard to the west coast.   Check it out!


WCAC remains committed to excellence, best practices and accountability for all of our staff, programs, policies and procedures to ensure those in need receive valuable services that help them move to economic self-sufficiency. Review our 2021-2023 Community Assessment below.

2021-2023 Community Assessment