Project Excel

Project Excel is a High School Equivalency Test -HiSET – preparation program (formerly known as the GED program) for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who have, for whatever reason, not completed a traditional high school program of studies. The program is funded by the United Way of Central Massachusetts and is administered by the Worcester Community Action Council.The mission of the program is to redirect students who have fallen off the traditional educational and developmental path on to a track that will lead toward a productive, and satisfying life.

Project Excel offers an open entry and exit – meaning that youth can enter the program at any time, and remain enrolled as long as it takes to successfully complete the program requirements.

Academic classes utilize an English curriculum which concentrates on grammar and essay writing skills, while the math curriculum includes word problems, basic math, decimals, proportions, algebra, and geometry. Participants will also review issues relating to the world of work through computer trainings, classroom readings, discussions, and writing. All students prepare résumés, cover letters, and review techniques for job searching.

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